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As you can see from above at first it was only contacts and that was SecuredContacts v0.2, now it is v0.3... So what's new?!?

Now you can export your messages too. All you have to do is open SecuredContacts where you get 3 things on the main screen:
1: Password input which is an input to enter your password to encrypt your file before uploading it.
2: A picker which is for you to choose what to upload, your contacts' file or your SMS file.
3: An upload button which you should tap on to start the upload. When the button disappears then your file is being uploaded to securedContacts server.

When the upload is done you will be alerted with a URL where you can enter your password, and download your contacts' or SMS CSV ( SpreadSheet, or Microsoft Excel Sheet) File. Make sure you memorize the URL or at least the code at its end, AND MAKE SURE NOT TO FORGET YOUR PASSWORD, NO ONE KNOWS IT BUT YOU.
After downloading your file, everything about your contacts or SMS will be deleted from the web server, so you can't download your file twice unless you upload it twice, and that's for your own security and privacy.


NB: For some of you who are facing a problem with Microsoft Excel, to see your file correctly, Open excel then click on data menu, select Get External Data then Import Text File. In the first step keep delimited checked, then click next, in the second step uncheck Tab, and check semicolon then click finish and you'll be able to see your file correctly.

Please use my Support and Feedback page for any help, bug reports or ideas. Or you might just tell me stop wasting your free time on developing such applications.